How to get paid as a freelancer

How can I get paid as a freelancer?

You are a freelance consultant and you are wondering how to get paid in wage portage ? You should know that freelance administration is a attractive billing method for autonomous professionals.

In this article, we will detail the different stages allowing receive your income by working through a freelance administration company. So, are you ready to optimise your remuneration?

Key points to remember

  • Freelance administration is an advantageous invoicing method for independent consultants.
  • The employment contract between the freelance administration company and the freelance employee is essential if they are to benefit from social protection and be paid regularly.
  • La remuneration under freelance administration depends on the sales achieved and the seniority of the consultant. Management fees are deducted from the remuneration.
  • Le payment under freelance administration can be paid in full once the customer invoice has been settled, at the agreed minimum with a top-up, or on collection of the invoice.
  • a freelance administration company offering financing, invoicing and administrative management to facilitate the payment process.

Understanding freelance administration

Definition of freelance administration

Portage salarial is a way of working in France. It enables a self-employed person to behave like a company employee. This person is called a "portage salarial". They provide a service for a client. They are then paid by a "portage" company.

The umbrella company takes care of all the administrative tasks. It pays the freelance employee in the same way as a company employee. This form of employment is governed by French employment law. It is suitable for people who do not wish to set up a company but want to work for themselves.

You can use it all the time or just once for a particular job.

Employment contract between the temporary employment agency and the temporary employee

Le employment contract between theumbrella company and the ported employee is an essential step in the freelance administration process. This contract establishes the contractual relationship between the two parties and defines the rights and obligations of each individual.

The ported employee thus becomes an employee of the portage company, while retaining his or her autonomy and the management of his or her assignments. The employment contract includes information such as the duration of the assignment, the hourly or daily rate and the terms and conditions of payment.

It is thanks to this contract that the ported employee benefits from a social protection and can receive a regular salary. This tripartite relationship between the freelance administration company, the freelance employee and the client provides greater security and transparency for all parties involved in the freelance administration process.

Remuneration and seniority

La remuneration under freelance administration is based on the turnover achieved by the independent consultant. The higher the turnover, the higher the remuneration.

L'consultant seniority in the freelance administration company can also play a role in determining their remuneration. Depending on their experience and skills, consultants can negotiate a rate of pay higher.

However, it is important to note that the management fees of the freelance administration company will be deducted from the consultant's remuneration. It is therefore essential to understand the calculation methods and costs associated with freelance administration remuneration.

Activity account and vocational training

Le business account is an important tool for freelance workers. It enables them to track their activities, income and expenditure. This gives them a a clear view of their financial situation.

With regard to professional trainingEmployees on freelance administration contracts are also entitled to training in order to develop their skills andimprove their employability.

They can benefit from training tailored to their professional needs, enabling them to keep up to date in their field of expertise. Le activity account and vocational training are therefore important factors for employees on freelance administration contracts, enabling them to manage their careers effectively and continue to develop professionally.

Health at work and the right to unemployment benefit

Freelance administration offers certain rights to freelance workers, particularly as regards their health at work and their entitlement to unemployment benefit. As a freelance administration employee, you are covered by social protection and social security schemes, giving you access to medical care and compensation in the event of sick leave.

In addition, if you are involuntarily unemployed, you are entitled to unemployment benefits under certain conditions. This offers a certain security and peace of mind for ported employees so they can do business with complete peace of mind.

Payment process for freelance administration

The payment process under freelance administration includes various payment options, such as payment of the entire invoice, payment of the agreed minimum with a top-up, or a one-off payment on collection of the invoice.

Different payment options for freelance administration

There are various payment options for freelance administration:

  1. Payment of the full invoice It's the most advantageous solution for the ported employeebecause he receives his full salary once the customer invoice is set.
  2. Payment of the contractual minimum and top-up In this case, part of the salary is paid according to the agreed minimum and the rest is paid when the customer invoice is settled.
  3. One-off payment on collection of invoice : This no longer authorised since 2016. It consisted of paying the employee only once the client invoice had been fully recovered.

Most advantageous solution: payment in full of the invoice

La most advantageous solution to get paid on a freelance basis is to ask for the payment of the invoice in full. This means that you will receive the total amount agreed with the customerwithout deduction of management fees.

This makes it possible tooptimise your income and benefit from total remuneration for your service. By choosing this option, you avoid compromises and ensure that you are fully rewarded for your work.

Payment in full of the invoice is a common and advantageous practice in the freelance administration sector.

The logical compromise: payment at the contractual minimum plus top-up

A common option for getting paid on a freelance basis is the payment at the agreed minimum with a top-up. The conventional minimum corresponds to the basic salary provided for in the applicable collective agreement.

This is the minimum amount that the freelance consultant must receive each month. In addition to this, it can be agreed a additional remuneration based on specific results or objectives achieved.

This compromise guarantees regular income while offering additional incentives to achieve high performance. This is a fair and transparent method of payment for freelance administration.

The prohibited method: one-off payment on collection of the invoice

La single payment method to the collection of the invoice is no longer permitted in freelance administration. Previously, it was only possible to receive payment in full once the invoice had been paid by the client.

However, this practice has been banned. Now, freelance consultants have to choose other means of working. payment optionssuch as payment by conventional minimum and supplementary.

This ensures that consultants receive part of their remuneration even if the invoice has not yet been paid by the customer. This is a measure designed to protecting ported employees and ensure a certain level of financial security.

How a freelance administration company works

A freelance administration company offers financing, invoicing and administrative management services to self-employed consultants, facilitating their payment process.

Read on to discover all the advantages of this solution.

Financing a freelance administration company

A freelance administration company is financed by the following sources management fees deducted from consultancy fees. These costs cover administrative expenses, contract management and invoicing, as well as the costs of services offered to ported employees.

Freelance administration companies are transparent about these costs and have no hidden charges. Visit the amount of the management fee varies according to the consultant's turnover.

As a result, the company's financing is based on the remuneration of its consultants and their activities.

Services offered by a freelance administration company

A freelance administration company offers a range of services to help self-employed consultants in their professional activities:

  • Administrative management the freelance administration company takes care of all the administrative formalities relating to the employment contract, invoicing and social security contributions.
  • Billing It is responsible for issuing invoices for services provided by the independent consultant.
  • Payment collection It is responsible for collecting payments from customers, thus ensuring financial security.
  • Professional training It often offers training courses to enable consultants to develop their skills and improve their know-how.
  • Legal support legal assistance: the company offers legal assistance in the event of a dispute or problem with a customer.
  • Professional network It gives you access to a community of professionals who can share their experiences and business opportunities.

Billing and management fees

Invoicing and management fees are important elements of freelance administration. When a freelance consultant works with a freelance administration company, he is generally responsible for issuing invoices for his services.

However, the freelance administration company plays an essential role in this process by checking invoices and ensuring that they comply with all applicable tax and legal regulations in force.

Management fees are charged by the freelance administration company to cover the services it provides. These fees may include items such as administrative management, payment tracking, contract management, etc. It is important to note that freelance administration companies must be transparent about the fees they charge in order to avoid hidden charges and to enable consultants to understand exactly what they are paying for.

In short, invoicing and management costs are essential aspects of freelance administration. Freelance consultants must issue invoices for their services, while freelance administration companies ensure that everything complies with the regulations in force.

Payment to the freelance administration company

Le payment to the freelance administration company is an important stage in this invoicing method. When a freelance consultant works with an umbrella company, he or she signs an employment contract with the company.

It is therefore to the freelance administration company that they must send their invoices in order to be paid. Management costs and social security charges are deducted from the amount invoiced by the consultant before he or she is paid.

It is essential to choosing a transparent freelance administration companywhich does not conceal any additional charges, to ensure reliable and regular payment.

Transparent management fees and no hidden charges

With freelance administration, it's important to choose a company that guarantees the following transparency of management fees and theno hidden charges. When you work with a freelance administration company, you need to have a good understanding of the fees associated with their services.

A reputable freelance administration company will provide a clear breakdown of management feesThese include social security charges, contributions and administrative costs. It is essential to be aware of these costs from the outset to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Also make sure that the freelance administration company does not impose no hidden or additional costs. Total transparency regarding management costs will enable you to make informed decisions and optimise your remuneration under freelance administration.

Billing process for freelance administration

Client invoicing and salary payments are crucial stages in the freelance administration process. Find out how this process works and what guarantees there are for payment under freelance administration.

Role of the freelance administration company in invoicing

The freelance administration company plays an essential role in the invoicing process. It is responsible for administrative and financial management the services provided by the independent consultant.

This includesissuing customer invoicesthe payment trackingand the payment of salary to the ported employee. The freelance administration company acts as aintermediary between the customer and the consultantensuring security and payment guarantees.

It also ensures that transparency of management fees and ensures that there are no hidden costs. In short, the freelance administration company facilitates the invoicing process and allows freelance consultants to concentrate on their core business.

Customer billing and salary payment stages

There are several stages involved in invoicing the client and paying the freelance salary:

  1. Issuing the invoice The independent consultant sends an invoice to the client company for the services rendered.
  2. Invoice validation Invoice verification: the customer company verifies that the invoice is correct before proceeding with payment.
  3. Payment by the client company Once the order has been validated, the customer company pays the amount indicated on the invoice.
  4. Payment of salary by the freelance administration company The freelance administration company receives payment from the client company and then pays the salary to the self-employed consultant, after deducting the agreed social security contributions and administration costs.

Importance of the assignment contract

The assignment contract is a an essential element of freelance administration. It defines the terms and conditions of the assignment between the ported employee and the client company. The contract clearly defines the responsibilities, objectives and expected results of the assignment.

It also guarantees protection of the rights of ported employeesThese include remuneration, holiday pay and benefits. The assignment contract gives both parties a contractual commitment, enabling them to work in complete confidence and transparency.

Signing an assignment contract is therefore essential to the success of a freelance administration assignment.

Security and payment guarantees with freelance administration

Freelance administration offers safety measures and payment guarantees consultants. By signing a employment contract with a "société de portage", consultants have the assurance of being paid for their services.

In addition, freelance administration companies take care of the customer billing and ensure payment tracking. This means that consultants can concentrate on their work with complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that their salary will be paid on time.

This financial security is one of the main reasons why many consultants choose freelance administration as a way of working. billing method.


In conclusion, freelance administration is an attractive option for independent consultants who wish to benefit from advantages of employee status while retaining their autonomy.

This is an invoicing method that makes it possible to convert a self-employed professional activity into a salaried job, thereby offering a legal and social security. Thanks to the employment contract signed with a "portage" company, consultants can be paid on a regular and transparent basis.

In addition, freelance administration offers additional services such as administrative management and professional training. However, it is important to note that freelance administration also has its drawbacks, such as management fees and charges based on turnover.

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