The best techniques for optimising your remuneration on a freelance basis

Le wage portage offers you the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of employee status while remaining independent. In this article, we will show you the best techniques for optimise your remuneration at wage portage covering topics such as negotiation from feesmanagement of professional expenses and tax exemption and employee savings schemes.

Key points to remember:

  • Le wage portage combines the advantages of employee status and professional independence.
  • La negotiation from fees and tax optimisation are essential techniques for increasing your remuneration on a freelance basis.
  • The management of business expenses can be optimised to maximise revenue.
  • It is possible to combine unemployment benefits with a freelance salary, subject to certain conditions.
  • Le ported employee benefits from the same social benefits than a traditional employee.

Understanding how freelance administration works

Freelance administration is a hybrid status that allows self-employed workers to benefit from the advantages of the employee status while retaining their independence. Unlike traditional freelancers, freelance administration professionals invoice for their services in the form of service contracts.

Le operation of freelance administration is based on a tripartite relationship between the ported employeethe umbrella company and the customer. Visit ported employee carries out its work for the customer and invoices the service to the umbrella company. The latter then takes care of administrative, legal and accounting management, as well as paying the employee's salary.

It is important to note that the amount invoiced by the ported employee does not correspond directly to his or her salary. The umbrella company deducts a commission, generally between 5% and 10%, to cover management costs and social security contributions. The wage portage received by the employee is therefore less than the amount invoiced to the customer.

Advantages of the status of ported employee

Freelance administration offers many advantages for self-employed workers. First of all, they are covered by social security and unemployment insurance, which is a major advantage for the self-employed. social protection in the event of illness or loss of employment. What's more, a freelance worker can also benefit from additional contingency cover, such as health insurance or insurance against death and disability.

As a temporary employee, you can also combine the following benefits unemployment benefits with the salary received on a freelance basis, subject to certain conditions. This enables self-employed workers to benefit from a higher income during periods of inactivity.

In short, freelance administration offers an interesting alternative for self-employed professionals, enabling them to benefit from the advantages of employee status. Understanding your operation is essential if you are to reap all the benefits and optimise its remuneration.

- Employee status- Portage company commission
- Social security and unemployment insurance- Salary lower than invoiced
- Supplementary pension cover- Conditions of cumulative from unemployment benefits

Estimating your remuneration for freelance administration

To estimate your remuneration under freelance administration, it is essential to take into account various factors such as social security charges and social security contributions. The wage portage generally represents less than 50% of the total bill, depending on the market price and the experience and skills of the ported employee. For an accurate estimate, we recommend that you compare your tariff with those of other independent professionals in the sector in order to properly assess their remuneration.

It is also important to note that wage portage does not correspond directly to the turnover generated by the temporary worker. You need to take into account the commission paid by the freelance administration company and the social security charges that will be deducted from the amount invoiced. By accurately calculating these deductions, you can make a realistic estimate of your remuneration under freelance administration.

Sales figuresCommissionsSocial security chargesEstimated remuneration
Month 110 000 €1 000 €2 000 €7 000 €
Month 212 000 €1 200 €2 400 €8 400 €
Month 38 000 €800 €1 600 €5 600 €

Using this method, it is possible to obtain a monthly estimate of your remuneration under freelance administration. However, it is important to bear in mind that these figures are indicative and may vary according to various factors such as business expenses and tax exemption schemes.

Techniques for negotiating freelance administration fees

The negotiation of fees is an essential step towards optimise your remuneration under freelance administration. Here are a few techniques and tips to help you get the best rates:

  1. Assess your value: Before you start negotiating, it's important to know the value of your skills and experience. Research the rates charged in your area of expertise and identify your market position.
  2. Highlight your expertise: During negotiations, highlight your expertise and the benefits you can bring to your client. Explain clearly how your work can contribute to the success of their project and justify your commitment. tariff.
  3. Offer flexible options: If your customer is reluctant to accept your tariff At the outset, try to offer flexible options. For example, you could offer a sliding scale of charges depending on the length of the contract, or charge by the day rather than by the hour. This can make your offer more attractive to the customer.
  4. Anticipate objections: Be prepared to respond to your customer's potential objections to your price. Identify the weak points in your offer and prepare convincing responses to counter them. Be ready to negotiate and find a compromise that satisfies both parties.

Negotiating fees under freelance administration requires preparation and self-confidence. Be prepared to defend the value of your work and find common ground with your client. By using these negotiation techniques, you can optimise your remuneration and enhance the value of your expertise.

Managing business expenses on a freelance basis

As a freelancer, it's essential to understand how to manage your assignments effectively. business expenses in order to maximise your remuneration. Professional expenses are considered to be expenses linked to your activity and may be reimbursed by the "société de portage". These include travel expenses, business meals, the purchase of professional equipment, etc. By requesting the reimbursement of these costs, you can optimise your situation for tax purposes.

It is important to keep all the supporting documents for your business expenses, such as receipts and invoices. These documents will be needed to prove the reality and professional nature of your expenses. Make sure you file and organise them properly to facilitate the reimbursement.

There are also specific schemes that can help you optimise your professional expenses for tax purposes when working on a freelance basis. For example, meal vouchers and CESU vouchers allow you to benefit from tax advantages while covering your food and personal services expenses. Contact your freelance administration company to find out whether these benefits are available to you.

Example of reimbursable business expenses:

Type of costsAmount (in euros)
Travel expenses250
Business meals150
Purchase of professional equipment500

Combining unemployment benefit and freelance administration salary

Freelance administration offers self-employed professionals the possibility of combining unemployment benefit with their salary, subject to certain conditions. This provides financial security during the transition between assignments, and guarantees a higher income than unemployment benefit alone. However, it is important to comply with the rules laid down by Pôle Emploi in order to qualify for this scheme. cumulative.

To be able to combine unemployment benefit with a freelance administration salary, the freelance administration employee must not work more than 110 hours per month. In addition, the total amount of remuneration must not exceed 70% of the reference salary used to calculate unemployment benefit. You must also remain registered as a jobseeker and continue to take the usual steps with Pôle Emploi.

Le cumulative The combination of unemployment benefit and salary under freelance administration offers self-employed professionals an attractive alternative for securing their livelihood while developing their business. What's more, by being registered as a jobseeker, freelance workers benefit from unemployment insurance and can top up their entitlements if necessary. This makes freelance administration a flexible and secure solution for professionals looking for new opportunities.

Conditions for combining unemployment benefit and freelance administration salary
Not to work more than 110 hours per month
Not to exceed 70% of the reference salary
Remain registered as a jobseeker

Social benefits and protection for freelance workers

Freelance administration offers many advantages social benefits and a social protection for ported employees. By opting for this form of employment, self-employed professionals can enjoy the same benefits as an employee, such as entitlement to unemployment benefit and pension. What's more, employees are protected by a financial guarantee which ensures payment of the employee's remuneration and social security contributions in the event of default by the umbrella company.

La financial guarantee is an essential element of freelance administration, providing additional security for employees. It ensures that the payment of wages and social security contributions is guaranteed, even in the event of financial difficulties on the part of the umbrella company. This means that freelance workers can go about their business with complete peace of mind, without fear of not being paid.

As a freelance administration employee, it is also important to find out about the guarantees offered by the administration company in terms of social protection. Some freelance administration companies offer additional benefits such as supplementary health and provident insurance, so that you can benefit from enhanced social protection.

Employee benefits and protection

Employee benefitsSocial protection
Access to unemploymentFinancial guarantee
Pension rightsSupplementary insurance
Tax benefits

Employee savings schemes for freelance workers

In freelance administration, there are various employee savings schemes that enable self-employed professionals to benefit from tax advantages while optimising their remuneration. Two commonly used schemes are the Plan d'Épargne Entreprise (PEE) and the Plan d'Épargne pour la Retraite Collectif (PERCO).

Le PEE is a scheme that allows ported employees to set aside part of their monthly pay in an investment fund. The sums paid into this plan are exempt from income tax and are subject to a flat-rate social security charge and CSG/CRDS. The PERCOis a specific retirement savings scheme. It enables ported employees to build up long-term savings for their retirement. The sums invested in the PERCO benefit from tax advantages similar to those of the PEE.

Table: Comparison between PEE and PERCO

Tax benefitsIncome tax exemptionIncome tax exemption
Use of fundsFree, subject to certain conditionsReserved for retirement savings
Social security contributions and CSG/CRDSAppliquésAppliqués

It is important to find out from the freelance administration company about the conditions and ceilings for these schemes in order to make the best use of them. By using these employee savings schemes, freelance workers on freelance administration contracts can benefit from a tax optimisation and build up long-term savings for their retirement.

Covering the costs of setting up a company and the administrative aspects of freelance administration

One of the major differences between freelance administration and the status of freelance or auto-entrepreneur status is to cover the costs of business start-up costs and administrative aspects. As a freelance administration employee, you won't have to worry about setting up your own business or about the complex administrative formalities involved. These tasks are entirely taken care of by the freelance administration company, allowing you to concentrate fully on your professional activity.

The freelance administration company is responsible for all the administrative procedures, such as registering the company, managing the accounts, invoicing, collecting payments and making tax and social security returns. This gives you peace of mind and saves you valuable time that you can devote to your business.

What's more, the freelance administration company provides you with a team of experienced professionals who are there to support you and answer all your questions relating to administrative aspects. They can advise you on best practice in terms of account management and tax, help you optimise your business expenses and keep you informed of legal and regulatory developments that could have an impact on your business.

By choosing freelance administration, you benefit from a secure framework and professional support for all administrative matters, freeing you from the burden of running your business. So you can concentrate on what you do best: providing quality services to your customers and growing your business.

Advantages of covering the costs of setting up a business and the administrative aspects of freelance administration
FreedomYou can concentrate on your business without worrying about administrative tasks.
ExpertiseA team of experienced professionals is on hand to advise and support you in every aspect of your project. administrative aspects.
SecurityThe freelance administration company will take care of all the administrative formalities, ensuring that your business is compliant.
Time savingYou don't have to spend time setting up and managing your business, so you can concentrate on your work.

Accounting management on a freelance basis

As well as handling the administrative aspects, the freelance administration company also takes care of the account management. This includes bookkeeping, drawing up balance sheets, VAT and tax returns. The portage company's accountancy specialists have in-depth expertise in bookkeeping and ensure that all financial transactions are correctly recorded and processed.

La account management freelance administration gives you a clear picture of your professional income and expenses, making it easier to plan your finances and optimise your remuneration. You can also take advantage of tax advice to maximise your tax benefits and reduce your tax burden.

By opting for freelance administration, you can concentrate fully on your professional activity, leaving the rest to yourself. business start-up costs and the administrative aspects in the expert hands of the umbrella company.

- Expert in freelance administration

Tips for choosing a freelance administration company

Choosing the right freelance administration company is essential to maximising your chances of success as a self-employed professional. Here are a few tips to help you make the best choice choice :

1. Assess your needs

Before choosing a freelance administration company, it is important to assess your specific needs. Take into account the nature of your business, your financial objectives and your level of experience. Make sure that the company you choose offers a support tailored to your needs.

2. Check the company's reputation and experience

Find out about the reputation and experience of the freelance administration company you are considering. Look at reviews from previous clients and find out how long the company has been on the market. A company with a solid reputation and proven experience is more likely to offer you a quality service.

3. Analyse the costs and services on offer

Compare the fees and services offered by different freelance administration companies. Make sure you clearly understand the management fees charged and the services included in the contract. Also check whether the company offers additional benefits such as training, online tools or tax and legal advice.

4. Ask for references and recommendations

Don't hesitate to ask other freelance professionals for references and recommendations. They can give you an insight into their experience with different freelance administration companies and help you make an informed decision. You can also join online discussion groups for advice and opinions.

Support personalisedManagement fees
Reputation and experienceConstraints linked to employee status
Additional servicesPossibility of choice limited

By following this advice, you will be able to choose a freelance administration company that best meets your needs and offers you high-quality support throughout your career as a self-employed professional.


In conclusionfreelance administration offers many opportunities to optimise your remuneration as a self-employed professional. By using fee negotiation techniquesmanagement of professional expenses and tax exemption and employee savings schemesIf you are a freelancer, you can increase your remuneration while enjoying the same benefits as an employee.

It is important to choose a freelance administration company you can trust and to find out about the guarantees offered in terms of social protection. A competent freelance administration company will guide you through all the administrative and legal procedures, offer you tax advice tailored to your situation and guarantee payment of your remuneration even if your client defaults.

By opting for freelance administration, you will be able to concentrate on your professional activity without having to worry about the constraints associated with setting up a business and managing your accounts. You'll also enjoy social benefits such as unemployment and pension rights, and you'll be able to save money thanks to the employee savings schemes offered by some freelance administration companies.

In short, freelance administration is an ideal solution for self-employed professionals who want to optimise their remuneration while enjoying secure employee status. Find out more choice of a serious, well-established freelance administration company, and seize every opportunity to maximise your remuneration and guarantee your social protection.

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