Trends in the freelance administration market: what you need to know

Trends in the freelance administration market: what you need to know

Understanding trends in the freelance administration market can be a daunting task for anyone interested or involved. This sector, which generates billions of euros in sales, has a huge potential. significant growth potential.

This article explains how freelance administration works, its advantages and the situations in which it is most beneficial. Follow us for a detailed exploration of this increasingly popular way of working!

Key points to remember

  • Freelance administration allows professionals to work independently while enjoying the benefits of salaried employment.
  • The steps involved in becoming a ported employee include a skills assessmentThe first step is to find a freelance administration company, sign up, sign a contract and start work.
  • The status of ported employee offers advantages such as the security of an open-ended contractWe offer a wide range of benefits, including flexible working hours, professional training and guaranteed solvency.
  • Training and solvency are important aspects of freelance administration that need to be taken into account if you are to remain competitive on the market.

Definition of freelance administration

Freelance administration is a status that allows professionals to work independently while enjoying the benefits of salaried employment.

How it works

Freelance administration allows you to work freely. To begin with, you choose a project that appeals to you. Then you negotiate the price of your work with your client. Then you sign a contract with a freelance administration company.

This company takes care of your payroll and administrative paperwork. It also sends an invoice to your customer. Finally, you do your job and receive your salary.

It's simple and safe.

The 5 steps to becoming a temporary employee

To become a salaried employee, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Assess your skills and expertise to determine the services you can offer as a ported employee.
  • Assess your skills and identify the areas in which you excel.
  • Identify the services you can offer companies as a ported employee.
  1. Look for a freelance administration company that suits your needs and your professional profile.
  • Find out more about different freelance administration companies, their offers and their advantages.
  • Compare the management fees, services offered and reputation of freelance administration companies.
  1. Start the registration process with your chosen freelance administration company.
  • Fill in the registration form with your personal, professional and bank details.
  • Provide the documents requested, such as your CV, diplomas or professional certificates.
  1. Sign an employment contract with the freelance administration company.
  • Read the contract carefully to understand your rights and obligations as a ported employee.
  • Negotiate contractual terms and conditions if necessary, taking account of legal recommendations.
  1. Start working as a temporary employee :
  • Find assignments that match your professional profile thanks to the network provided by the freelance administration company.
  • Invoice your clients for your services via the umbrella company which will be responsible for administrative and tax management.
  • Receive your monthly remuneration, after deduction of administration costs and social security contributions.

The strength of freelance status

Freelance administration offers a number of advantages. First of all, it guarantees workers a financial security thanks to a permanent employment contract. In addition, ported employees benefit from the social protection and benefits of employee statussuch as access to vocational training.

By opting for freelance administration, workers can also take advantage of the the flexibility offered by self-employed statusThis allows them to work autonomously while enjoying social security cover. This allows them to work autonomously while being covered by social security.

Freelance administration contracts

Freelance administration contracts are an essential aspect of this professional status. When a person becomes a freelance employee, they sign a employment contract with a freelance administration company.

This contract specifies the working conditionsthe duration of the assignmentthe remuneration amount and social benefits.

Freelance administration contracts offer flexibility to employees, as they can work on different assignments for different clients. This allows them to broaden their skills and explore new areas of expertise.

The daily life of a ported employee

The day-to-day life of a temporary worker is flexible and varied. As a salaried employee, you work independently while benefiting from advantages of employee status. You can choose your assignments and working hours, so you can balance your professional and personal life.

What's more, you'll be covered by social security and health insurance. You are responsible for the administrative management of your business, such as invoicing and bookkeeping.

You also have the opportunity to take training courses to develop your skills. The day-to-day life of a ported employee therefore offers a great deal of freedom and flexibility, while guaranteeing security and support.

The advantages of freelance administration

  • La security at the CDI offers ported employees financial stability.
  • Advantages such as flexible working hours and the ability to choose your assignments are attractive to professionals looking for autonomy.
  • The training courses offered by freelance administration companies enable freelance workers to improve their skills and keep up to date in their field.
  • The solvency of client companies is guaranteed, reducing the risk of non-payment for assignments.

Security at the CDI

Freelance administration offers job security with an open-ended contract. This means that freelance workers benefit from all the advantages of a permanent contract. legal and social protection such as health cover, holiday pay and pensions.

With a permanent contract, they are able to plan their careers for the long term and enjoy financial stability. In addition, freelance administration provides workers with legal protection in the event of a dispute with their employer.

This offers extra peace of mind for those who choose this form of employment.

The benefits

Freelance administration offers a number of advantages:

  • Security at the CDI Ported employees benefit from an open-ended contract, which gives them a degree of stability in their professional situation.
  • The benefits : As a freelance employee, you can benefit from a range of advantages, such as health insurance, provident schemes and a share in the company's profits.
  • Training courses Ported employees can also take advantage of training courses to perfect their skills in their field of activity and develop their competencies.
  • Solvency : Thanks to their status as ported employees, self-employed workers have access to financial guarantees and can therefore reassure their customers of their solvency.

Training courses

Training is an essential aspect of freelance administration. It enables self-employed workers to develop their skills and to keep up to date in their field of expertise.

Whether for acquire new technical knowledge or improve their project management skillsOur training courses offer opportunities for continuous learning.

What's more, training can also be beneficial for client companies, as it ensures that self-employed workers are qualified and competent in their field.

By taking part in regular training courses, self-employed workers can remain competitive in the market and increase their chances of finding interesting, well-paid work.


Solvency is an important aspect of freelance administration. It refers to the a company's ability to meet its financial obligations.

Client companies need to be sure that their employees are paid correctly and regularly. This is why they check the solvency of the portage company before committing to a contract.

Furthermore, employees on portage must also be vigilant about the solvency of their portage company, in order to ensure they are paid on time and their social rights will be respected.

Portage salarial situations

Many profiles can benefit from freelance administration. Find out how this status can meet your specific needs. Read on to find out more!

Consultant in search of independence

If you are a consultant seeking independenceIf you're a freelancer, freelance administration can be an excellent option for you. It allows you to work as a self-employed person while enjoying the benefits and security of a salaried employment contract.

This means that you can exercise your expertise and manage your own clients, while having social cover and legal protection.

By choosing freelance administration, you can also benefit from continuing education to improve your skills and stay up to date in your field. What's more, it eases your transition to independence and allows you to develop your professional network.

Young graduate

Freelance administration offers a wide range of opportunities for young graduates wishing to enter the world of work. By choosing freelance administration, young graduates can benefit from the security of an employment contract while still having the freedom to work on various projects and develop their expertise.

They can also benefit from training to enhance their skills and improve their employability. Freelance administration allows young graduates to gain in professional experience while giving you the chance to try out different sectors and working environments.

It's an attractive option for those who want to embark on a flexible professional career tailored to their needs and aspirations.


Freelance administration can be a interesting solution for jobseekers. By choosing freelance administration, they can continue to work flexibly and take advantage of advantages of employee status.

This allows them to combine looking for a salaried job with the possibility of offering their skills as independent consultants. This enables them to remain active in the job market while developing their professional network.

What's more, freelance administration also offers the following advantages administrative and legal supportThis is particularly useful for jobseekers who are not used to managing all the administrative aspects of their business.

By joining a freelance administration company, they can benefit from advice and support in their job search and in developing their skills.

Company creator

If you're setting up your own business, freelance administration can be a great way to get started. interesting option to get your business off the ground. It allows you to test your idea and develop your customer base without having to set up a real company.

You benefit from security of salaried status while keeping your independence and growing your business. What's more, freelance administration offers advantages such as access to training and social security cover.

You can also take advantage of the client company's network to find new customers and develop your business. The freelance administration market offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs, so don't hesitate to take advantage of them.


Freelance administration is also a interesting option for retirees who wish to continue work flexibly and without worrying about administrative management.

With the status of ported employee, retired people can offer their skills and expertise in their field of expertise while enjoying the security of a permanent employment contract.

This allows them to continue working while enjoying their pension. What's more, freelance administration offers attractive tax benefits for pensioners, which can help to increase their income without penalising their retirement.

Client company

client company is a company that hires a ported employee to carry out specific assignments or projects. The company may use employees on a portage basis for a variety of reasons, including to take advantage of a specialised expertiseto respond to a temporary increase in workload or to fill a lack of in-house skills.

The use of freelance administration allows the client company to benefit from the advantages of employee status and the flexibility offered by the freelance employment contract.

In addition, it avoids having to recruit a full-time employee or hire a freelancer. The client company pays the agreed fees to the ported employee and can terminate the partnership once the assignment is complete.

The legal framework for freelance administration

The Collective Agreement (CC) and the Order govern the legal framework for freelance administration.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

The Collective Agreement (CA) is a agreement between trade unions and employers' organisations for regulating working conditions in a specific sector.

For freelance administration, there is a Collective Bargaining Agreement which defines the rights and obligations of both employees and freelance administration companies. In particular, this agreement guarantees social protectionthe right to training and respect for working conditions.

It also enables disputes between the parties to be settled in the event of disagreement. Thanks to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, freelance workers enjoy a secure legal framework and benefits similar to those of a conventional employee.

The order

The order relating to freelance administration was introduced in 2015 to provide a framework for this form of employment. It defines the rights and obligations of ported workers as well as the rules applicable to freelance administration companies.

In particular, this order stipulates that the ported worker must benefit from a written employment contract and that freelance administration can only be used on an exclusive basis, i.e. a freelance administration employee cannot combine his or her activity with another form of employment contract.

In addition, certain professions are excluded from freelance administration, in particular regulated professions. Finally, the order also specifies the professions covered by freelance administration, such as IT freelance administrationand interim management.

Freelance administration is carried out on an exclusive basis

Freelance administration is carried out solely within the framework of the status of salaried employee. This means that people who choose this form of work cannot be both employees of a company and self-employed.

They are exclusively ported employees, which offers them certain advantages. benefits and protection in terms of professional status and social security. As a result, freelance administration allows workers to benefit from the advantages of employment, while at the same time enjoying a greater degree of flexibility. flexibility in their work.

This exclusive status is a key element in the operation of freelance administration.

Exclusions from freelance administration

Freelance administration is not for everyone. Here are a few exclusions from freelance administration to bear in mind:

  1. The regulated professions : Certain professions, such as the medical and legal professions, are excluded from freelance administration because of their specific legal requirements.
  2. The public sectors : Employees in the public sector cannot use freelance administration because they are subject to specific specific laws and regulations.
  3. The craft activities : Freelance administration is not generally suitable for self-employed people working in craft activities requiring craftsman status.
  4. The people with no qualifications or professional experience : Freelance administration is aimed more at experienced and qualified professionals, so it can exclude people with no experience or specific qualifications.
  5. The workers who need direct supervision : Some professions require direct supervision in the workplace, which makes freelance administration unsuitable for these workers.

The freelance administration professions

There is a wide variety of jobs in the freelance administration sector. Here are a few examples:

  1. IT Consultants
  2. Marketing and communications experts
  3. Web developers and graphic designers
  4. HR consultants and recruiters
  5. Professional trainers and coaches
  6. Translators and interpreters
  7. Chartered accountants and financial auditors
  8. Project management consultants
  9. Specialist engineers and technicians

IT freelance administration

IT freelance administration is a form of self-employment which offers many advantages to professionals in the IT sector. By opting for freelance administration, IT freelancers or consultants can benefit from the security of a permanent employment contract while retaining their autonomy.

They can also take advantage of courses on offer by freelance administration companies to develop their skills and keep up to date with the latest technologies.

What's more, IT freelance administration allows professionals to benefit from a social security and professional guarantees. It's an ideal solution for those who want to work on a self-employed basis but still have the security of an employee status.

Portage salarial BTP

Freelance administration in the building and civil engineering sector is a interesting solution for professionals who wish to operate as self-employed while benefiting from security of employee status.

This system allows workers to offer their skills and services to companies in the construction and public works sector, while being supported by a "portage salarial" company that takes care of the entire process. administrative and financial management.

This offers professionals a wide range of flexibility and autonomy in their work, while providing them with a secure legal and social framework. Portage salarial BTP is therefore an interesting alternative for specialists in the sector who want to practise their trade independently without the constraints associated with setting up a company.

Interim management

Le interim management is an increasingly common practice in the world of work. It involves using a external manager to temporarily manage a specific situation within a company.

The interim manager is an experienced professional who contributes his or her expertise and skills to solve complex problems. It can be called upon in situations such as company restructuring, the launch of a new project, or crisis management.

Interim management offers a number of advantages, including flexibility and rapid intervention. What's more, it allows the company to benefit from a specialised expertise without having to take on a new full-time employee.

Portage salarial situations

Freelance administration can be adapted to different professional situations. Here are a few examples:

  • Consultant in search of independence
  • Young graduate
  • Jobseeker
  • Company creator
  • Retired
  • Client company


The freelance administration market is strong growth and offers numerous opportunities. Self-employed workers can take advantage of advantages of employee status while having the flexibility to carry on their business.

As the market evolves, it's important to understand the mechanics of freelance administration and get advice on how to succeed. Don't miss out on this trend that is transforming the world of work.

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